Song List 2

Ray Charles

Black Crowes
Talks to Angels

Jerry Jeff Walker
Mr. Bojangles

Hall & Oates
Sara Smile

Raspberry Beret
Little Red Corvette
Purple Rain

John Mellencamp
Little Pink Houses
Wild Nights

Dire Straits
So Far Away

Chuck Berry
Johnny B. Goode

Honey Drippers
Sea of Love

Tom Petty
Won’t Back Down
Mary Jane’s Last Dance
You Don’t Know How It Feels
Free Fallin

Sister Moon

Losin’ My Religion

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  1. If I Were Green :34
  2. I Put My Pants On Keith Gregory :31
  3. I'm Yo Bear Keith Gregory :32
  4. I Keep Talkin Keith Gregory :33
  5. I'm The Man Keith Gregory :37