Song List 4

Willie Nelson
Always on my Mind

Stevie Wonder
Sunshine of My Life

Billy Joel
Just the Way You Are
Piano Man

Creedence Clearwater
Suzie Q
Have You Ever Seen the Rain

The Drifters
Under the Boardwalk

Lionel Richie
Stuck on You

Harry Chapin
Cats in the Cradle

John Fogerty
Old Man Down the Road

Eric Clapton
Running on Faith
Wonderful Tonight

Willis Harrison
Kansas City

Al Green
Let’s Stay Together

Jim Croce
In A Love Song
Leroy Brown

Niall Horan
Slow Hands

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  1. If I Were Green :34
  2. I Put My Pants On Keith Gregory :31
  3. I'm Yo Bear Keith Gregory :32
  4. I Keep Talkin Keith Gregory :33
  5. I'm The Man Keith Gregory :37