With 2018 comes the first “studio recored album” from myself since 2005 (Hollywood and Dreamin). Yep…its really happening, by the end of the summer my new… yet to be titled record will drop like a 20 ton hammer all ready for you guys to hear and “critique”. SO STOKED!!!

Can’t remember the last time I went to a concert. Tonight my wife and I went to see Chicago. Freakin Awesome!!! What a great night at the Bell Auditorium!!

What an awesome night performing for Hunting For A Cure, benefit for kids with cancer. Thanks Keith and Sonya for a great night. See ya next year!!!

I decided to update my Halloween video “Hello” for 2017, well what was supposed to be a day-long project ended up taking about a week. Hope you like the “remix”. Click here to peep it.

Friday the 13th was not good to me at all. I played for a total of 8 peeps for 3 hours (1st hr. alone). It was a perfect night to perform outside…but it was one of the longest nights of my musical career. Goodbye Friday the 13th!!!