All songs are now available for download. Albums, downloadable, and hard copies can now be purchased from my site.
If you would like to purchase singles just click on a title and you will be taken to that track’s purchase page. I have tried to make your purchase “experience” as easy as possible. If you have any problems please contact me.  Thanks, Keith
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So glad to have the new site complete.The purpose of my site is to keep all my KG Fans up to date as I accelerate full speed ahead to reach my musical goals. You can check out all my latest tracks and videos. You will always know when and where I am gigging in your "hood" or" neck of the woods". You can also purchase and download (some free) your favorite KG tunes. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to sign-up for my mailing list to receive all the KG info to your "mail box.



Boone Blackmon happened upon this “ancient” cd located on a jukebox located in Wrens, GA. “Facts Of Life” is still available in “bootleg” special order. Thanks Boone!