“Inside of Me” A deep “dark” rock track about a dude gone completely bonkers over a recent breakup. This dude is literally possessed and in need of an exorcist. Y’all share please! Thank you! Now streaming and available for download from all major digital outlets.  Listen

Hey All!
Welcome to my brand new website.  I’ve busted my ass on this, so I hope y’all approve. ha! While surfing through my new site, let me know if there are any broken links or mis-spelled words.
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Hey all! Super stoked about my new single and video “I Put My Pants On”. Sending great vibes to all peeps who believe that life has totally abandoned you. Not true!! Change can sometime be a scary thang…Put on you big boy or girl pants…suck it up, brush it off and live again.
“I Put My Pants On”

Hey All! If you’re having a bad day I hope this video makes you smile. “I’m Yo Bear” is the second of many videos from my new record, “They Call Me Mister Keith. I’m Yo Bear is a crazy-fun video featuring some very strange spin-off characters that are guaranteed to make your day a little brighter. If you need a friend that’s got YO back…”I’m Yo Bear“.