It’s hard to explain cos Keith sounds like somebody but, who?

Growing up listening to all styles of music, Keith employs an element from each genre into each of his songs. It’s not that he has different style than everyone else he is not able to write in styles, he writes in “himself”.

Born a “military brat”, Keith’s family moved from their hometown, Little Rock, Arkansas to Anchorage, Alaska where his music career began. After playing drums in local bands Keith decided to switch to guitar (because the guitar players were getting all the girls) and began writing and recording songs.

Keith spent many years traveling with well-known acts and playing in dozens of local bands.
Deciding to take the solo route was a huge step that had to taken to become a full time musician and pay the bills. That was many years ago and he is still going strong.

When people ask…”How would you describe your music?” He replies my music is fast, slow, stop and go, it’s happy, sad , good and not bad. It’s new school, old school, and alternative pop, sometimes it rolls but mostly it rocks!

“Unfortunately, I have not had any formal music training, so I sometimes write off the paper, color outside the lines and think outside the box”.

The only thing more important than music is…

  1. I'm Yo Bear Keith Gregory 3:11
  2. I Put My Pants On Keith Gregory 3:19
  3. I Don't Like You (Karen) Keith Gregory 2:54
  4. Solo A Go Go Keith Gregory 3:17
  5. Love is Free Keith Gregory 2.48
  6. Don't Mind Me Keith Gregory 3:31
  7. God Is Gone Keith Gregory 3:40