Song List 5

Percy Sledge
When a Man Loves a Woman 

The Beatles
Let it Be
Come Together

B.B. King
Stormy Monday

Pearl Jam
Last Kiss

Rolling Stones
Wild Horses
Beast Of Burden

Ben Harper
Burn One Down
Steal My Kisses

Bill Withers
Ain’t No Sunshine
Lean on me
Use Me
Lovely Day

Cat Stevens
Wild World

Sam Cooke
Having A Party
Bring It On Home To Me

Hootie and the Blowfish
Let Her Cry

John M. Montgomery
I Love The Way You Love Me

Sinead O’conner
Nothing Compares To You

The Cranberries

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  1. I'm Yo Bear Keith Gregory 3:11
  2. I Put My Pants On Keith Gregory 3:19
  3. I Don't Like You (Karen) Keith Gregory 2:54
  4. Solo A Go Go Keith Gregory 3:17
  5. Don't Mind Me Keith Gregory 3:31
  6. God Is Gone Keith Gregory 3:40